Privacy Policy


1. Privacy issues and your use of this website
2. Personal information
3. How we use your information
4. Your data and security
5. Children’s privacy rights
6. Altering parts of your information
7. How to contact us

Privacy issues and your use of this website

We are always concerned about maintaining the privacy of all site users. Should you ever share any of your personal details with us, we always hold it under the strictest of conditions. No information is shared with anyone and we would ask that you read the remainder of this policy to understand how we work in this respect.

Personal information

One or more parts of this website may require you to enter log in details – such as your name and email address – in order to progress further. In this situation we will only ever require you to enter the most essential data in order to proceed. This information will never be shared with any other party, no matter where you should live or what details you use in this respect.

How we use your information

We shall take no risks when it comes to your personal security. To this end we only ever use your personal email address if we have received your express permission to do so. If you should choose to be included on our email list we shall only ever email you as long as we have permission to do so. If you should decline to receive further emails we shall stop sending them immediately.

Your data and security

Any and all data we hold is held under the strictest of measures. We never take risks with our security in this sense. All the measures we use are continually monitored, checked and updated to ensure we have the best security levels around today. If we hold data about you that you have shared with us, you can rest assured that it is safe.

Children’s privacy rights

We have not created this website to be used by children at any time. In addition to this we have never, nor shall we ever, ask for information from anyone who is under the age of an adult.

Altering parts of your information

Should you ever find out that your personal information as held by us is incorrect in some way, you are most welcome to get in touch so we may make the necessary corrections. You can do this by phoning or emailing us, so we can get the corrections made quickly for you. As far as log in details are concerned, these should always be kept secure and safe from anyone else, so no one can access your details or your account without you knowing.

How to contact us

All our website visitors are welcome to contact us at any time. We provide our email address and phone number to this effect. Any questions or queries will be dealt with as quickly as possible, and all comments are read and listened to, no matter who brings them to our attention. We always welcome contact from our visitors.