Airport Parking

The Benefits Of Airport Parking At Cardiff Airport

If you rarely fly you might find airport parking to be a bit confusing to begin with. But it really doesn’t have to be, not if you pay attention to what is being offered and you get to know some background information about the airport you are going to be travelling from. The same applies to Cardiff Airport, which has lots of different options available if you want to travel from there to go abroad or simply elsewhere in the UK.

What can you expect from parking services at Cardiff Airport?

Well for starters there are lots of different services available. This means you have to make sure you pick the best ones for your needs. For example it’s no good booking into a short stay car park if you are going abroad and will be gone for a couple of weeks.

As you might expect there are both short stay and long stay parking options available at Cardiff Airport for you to choose from. Make sure you think about how long you will need to park for before you book anything. In most cases the short stay car parks will have a maximum stay period, which is usually no more than around twenty four hours. In addition to this the long stay car parks have minimum stay periods which could be anything from a few days upwards. Always check these perameters before you book anything.

Can you stay outside the airport as well as on site?

Yes, you have both options to choose from when you are flying out of Cardiff Airport and you need somewhere to park your car while you are gone. There is a long stay car park on site which means your car will be inside the airport perimeter. Some people like this service because they are closer to the main airport terminal itself.

Alternatively you might want to book a space in a car park outside the airport perimeter. The main reason why people opt for this service is because they are on a budget. Staying inside the airport perimeter always tends to be more expensive because you are on airport property. If you go slightly outside the airport you can save money and still be relatively close to the airport itself.

What is the best way to decide which car park to stay in at Cardiff Airport?

The best way of all is to research the different options before you book anything. The best way to do this is to go online to find out more about Cardiff Airport and its many car parks. You will see that some are owned independently; the Highwayman car park for example is a privately owned business. Other car parks inside the airport perimeter are owned by BAA.

By using an online search facility you can see whether you are able to get a better deal from one particular car park than another. It could depend on how long you want to park your car for, as well as when you want to use the service. Always book way in advance if you can, and make sure you look to see whether you can cancel or amend your booking at a later date if possible. There could be charges for this though, so be careful.

Ideally you shouldn’t book anything until you have your travel dates perfectly worked out. When you do you can book with confidence and enjoy the feeling of knowing you have your parking requirements at Cardiff Airport perfectly worked out for your forthcoming trip abroad.